Barhocker mit Lehne

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Bar hocker with Lehne: Comfort in 3, 2, 1

Bar hocker with a comfortable seat ensures greater comfort as a bar hocker with a comfortable seat. The stool is now closed, without having to worry about their friends and family while spending time together. Are you happy with the comfort of Barstühlen für deinen Bartisch or deine Hausbar? Bei Bronx71 beets wir dir a large Auswahl from Barhockern with Lehne. Even with the same color or leather, in blue or black, high-quality versions or not, you can find the perfect bar stool!

An stool with a living room or in the kitchen?

Would you like to live in your own home with your own furniture or enjoy the comfort of a kitchenette? Then there is something to be said about such things after a gemütlichen Sitzgelegenheit, which is not glitchy or yet beautiful.

A stool with arms is the solution for the problem. The Bar Hocker could be easily integrated into your space. You are completely empty when you consider it, because the Bars are open when you visit the kitchen. You can choose from Bronx71 with high adjustable bar stools that you can adjust to your lifestyle.

Leder, Samt, Microfaser & Co.: Welche Materialien gibt es?

The Bar Hocker from Bronx71 is best made with a thin metal structure, which is made with a sitting area with different materials combined. Both the frames act in turn with a classic model with four legs, a stable frame or a swing frame.

Der Bezug der Sitzfläche ist haptsächlich in Leder, Samt or Microphaser. The Material Leather is also available in Eco-Leder or Artificial Leather. The material has the shape, the two leather art is long and last since. The same hinge is for everything for a modern Einrichtung geeignet. This is the result of the material itself and the gemstones. It is important to ensure that the material microfiber is comfortable, which is also useful in your interior and industrial design.

Insgesamt sind die Stoffe in verschiedenen Farben von Schwarz und Anthrazit bis Grün und Rosa erhältlich. Dad also has the ability to combine different features to create a fun effect.

Barstühle with legs in industrial style

Möbel im Industrial Style is currently full of Trend and provide such a rustic character. A Bar Hocker in Industrial Design can be used to create a kitchen or wooden floor. It is important to know that the comfort of the furniture is great, even if it is integrated into the design of a modern IT piece, that is due to the use of rustic materials. Due to the metalwork and the Überzüge of (Eco-) Leather or the same, this is not the case with the trendy industrial look, without a striking vintage style, but it is definitely not a waste of time.

Bar stool with legs at Bronx71

What is the difference between the materials used and what material is used? The Bronx 71 Expert Service supports the quality of the products for the finishing – for the perfect Bar Hocker with Lehne!