Sessel Industrial Design

Industrial Möbel: Sessel

A session in industrial design is one of the current living trends. Whoever uses the large parts of the furniture in industrial design, is also required to use the raw materials and the quality materials. The basis is that it is made of a metal structure, of powder coating and in black contents. The seat surface is best made from (eco) leather, microfiber or artificial leather. The design reflects itself in the robust industrial-chic style. Clear lines, comfortable seating areas and timeless musters – so be sure of the perfect session in industrial design.

A session is such a perfect opportunity to spend a long time at work, while having a great time at work. Gemütlichkeit, aber the Design plays with a central Rolle. Such a session to enjoy, also to relax? Then come join us for a great Lounge Session ! Would you like to continue serving as a design item? Then you would be able to play a Butterfly Chair that way !

Perfect Match – how does Sofa fit dazu?

A session is not suitable for a sofa – but who combines this session with an industrial design for a sofa? This is not a natural phenomenon, but an industrial session can also be combined with Einrichtungstilen. Do you have a modern sofa with leather in bright black? Then you can enjoy living with a leather session with cognac and enjoy a great meal. Would you like to live with a wonderful home with a sofa in green? Then we use a piece of leather with a microfiber or leather in anthracite or black. These possibilities are unique, but a session in industrial design is flexible and perfect for your home!

Ein Sessel als ideal Ergänzung

Neben dem Sofa, sollte dein Sessel auch gut zum Rest deiner Einrichtung pas. Enjoy an open kitchen incl. Kitchen, buy with Barhockern im gleichen Farbton a tolle Verbindung zum hippen Sessel. Wenn die Einteilung deiner Wohnung ein Wohn-/Esszimmer beinhaltet, kannst du Sessel und Esszimmerstühle im gleichen Material halten. Dad uses a subtle connection, which makes the whole picture perfect.

Buy a session?

Bronx71 offers a great variety of new designs and materials. Lederssel sind zeitlose Hingucker und fit toll in eine Einrichtung im Industrial Design. Do you prefer modern? Then please take a look at our next session !