Barhocker Industrial Design

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Barhocker Industrial Design

Bar hockers are always more likely to be of great importance to their Einrichtung. The practical hocker is ideal for an open kitchen with cooking utensils or for a home bar. Bar hocker in Industrial Design is absolutely in Trend. The Einrichtungstil is immer more relaxed and is not long-term but more lovingly lived together. Möbel im Industriedesign is gradlinig und siechnen sich ruheige erdige Farben with black, cognac-brown or with olive green. Bar hocker in industrial design can also be ideally integrated into other design styles. So you can relax in a rural environment without having to worry about being cool. Touch or enjoy a modern environment with more comfort. With furniture in industrial design, it is flexible and timely.

Industrial Bar stool in der Küche

Open kitchen, a smaller meal with fresh food – the kitchen is a great way to enjoy the food, without having to worry about more and more central aspects of living. Barhocker welds are ideally integrated. In the small student residence, in the small place for a single room, there is a new family home - a Tresenhocker has a nice sitting area and is also flexible. A kitchen with plenty of light or a small seating area with plenty of space to enjoy, while cooking with friends and the family. Our selection includes a single stool in industrial design, which can be adjusted since . Damit could adjust the seating area individually on the table. The large size of our bar stool with washable eco-leather is made from scratch, which is ideal for the kitchen. The material absorbs moisture and is therefore easily absorbed. Leather is one of the most enjoyable materials in industrial design, the stool is made from anthracite, cognac or olive green.  

Combination with Bartisch im Industriedesign

Barhocker are not present in the kitchen so that they are real Hingucker, but also a Bartisch or Stehtisch machen sie a good Figur. A massive Bartisch with Mango Holz or Akazienholz is also wonderful with combining Barhockern in Industrial Design. A Bartisch with two or four stools can be a part of the living room with a living room or a cozy living room combined.

Barhocker: The right material

For the bar stool in industrial design, the combination of leather and metal is unique. Our range of sturdy bar stools with wash-resistant eco-leather - as a freestanding wing, with four hinges or in the height adjustment bar. Eco-Leder is a combination of real leather on the surface and a top layer of microfiber or artificial leather. Since the material is water resistant, it is also extremely easy to clean and clean without any problem. Wenn man etwas more Gemütlichkeit purchase möchte, empfehlen wir Barhocker from Samt. In combination with a metal structure, they integrate with the same hocker in a single design in industrial design.